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The bustling city is suddenly quiet. She can hear the distant horns as ships pass by on the Hudson River only two blocks away. She had traveled seven thousand miles from Shanghai to New York. This is home now. She feels excitement as she glides across the floor of the cavernous space, her delicate skin framed by her blue cheongsam. The space is adorned with hallmarks of this industrious city: soaring pillars, beaming lights,glittering mirrors, and geometric shapes that represent a reverence for social and technological progress. Blended in the exuberant display are subtle touches that are intimate and Oriental, touches that remind her of where she came from. People smile and greet her as she passes them, amazed at such glamour and exotic beauty. She can see Coco Chanel sitting at the corner table, catching her glimpse and nodding to her. New York, her new love. But it is Chinese blood in her veins. She admires the spirit of modernity but feels the weight of her ancient heritage. She yearns for the future and her own identity. Here in this space at the corner of this great metropolis, as she sits down to fine Chinese cuisine, she feels a sense of balance where the East and the West, the past and the future, converge. The world is one and the future is now.

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